Welcome to Rift Free-to-Play!

home-promo-23-enToday marks the launch of Rift patch 2.3 – Empyreal Assault.  With the patch comes a whole new zone, open world raids and the earth-shaking change to the world of Telara as we know it – Free to Play.  For a long time, Trion Worlds discounted free to play as an option for Rift and since launch, I’ve been more than happy to pay my subscription fee, because Trion has delivered new content every couple of months and really listened to the player base to create, what I believe, is still the best MMO out there. However, the MMO world is changing and the market has made it clear that a subscription model is not what players want anymore. Keeping with Trion’s record of giving players what they want, they have changed Rift to a Free to Play model as of today.

I’m really excited for this new change because it is already bringing back old friends who had let their subscription lapse for one reason or another, and it’s bringing in new people who wanted to try the game, but just didn’t want to pay a subscription for something they weren’t sure they would enjoy. The Rift F2P model doesn’t restrict any content and won’t take away any of the benefits you’ve earned if you have been a subscriber.  The in-game store is filled with awesome fun items and some nice bonuses, but nothing that will give those with a lot of cash an advantage over free players.

In addition to F2P, there’s a ton of new stuff with Patch 2.3 – you can read the extensive patch notes HERE

If you are a returning player or a new one looking for a mature, family-friendly guild, look up Silent Strike in the in-game guild finder (hit Shift+G and search for us) and send us a note.  We’re always welcoming new members!

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