Guild Meeting Monday June 24 8pm EST

Since the implementation of Free to Play our Rift guild has seen quite a few new members and returning friends.  I’d like to take a little time to get together so we can discuss guild policies and get a feel of what sorts of activities we should be focusing on.  Please pop into the Guild Dimension and/or  join us on Mumble or via the Rift Mobile app for a short meeting Monday June 24 at 8pm EST.

If you won’t be able to attend, but have comments, ideas or concerns that you would like brought up during the meeting, feel free to post a comment here or send me a Personal Message through the forums or in game.

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  1. Next two weeks we’re finishing the kitchen project so I’ll be more afk than usual (already have been this past week since we’ve been getting appliances installed) but I should be able to make this!

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