Rift Patch 2.3 & Free to Play

rift23Bill Fisher, the Creative Director for Rift made a big announcement today.  On June 12, the next Rift patch, 2.3 will be released and with that Rift will become Free to Play.  That means that the whole game will be free for everyone with a cash store available to purchase special items like mounts, storage, role slots, costumes etc.  A subscription will still be available with subscribers known as Patrons.  Patrons will receive bonus currency and other items each month.  An additional currency will be introduced into the game called REX which can be purchased for real money but will be trade-able in game for platinum/gold etc.

Patch 2.3 will finally see the opening of the huge zone, Dendrome.  There will be a new 10-man Sliver, chronicle, rift challenge called strongholds and open world raid bosses.

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  1. How do you all feel about this? When this happens I’ll have 4 months of sub left so I’ll see what it’s like to be a “Patron”. Not sure if I’ll cancel though cause I don’t want to lose the discounted sub price.

  2. I’m actually kind of excited about it. I wish I’d known before I had resubbed for another year, but it just means I’ll get the perks of being a Patron. I hope it will bring back some people who enjoyed the game, but just couldn’t afford or justify a subscription. I do hope they improve some of the Patron benefits though, primarily giving some amount of REX each month in addition to the other perks.

    I never had a problem paying for Rift. I always felt like it was a great game that deserved my money and that hasn’t changed. But, to compete in today’s market, you have to fit the model that the market expects and Free to Play is where it’s at now. It sounds like Trion is determined to do it right.

  3. Yeah, I really hope they add a monthly stipend and other stuff for subscribing, but Daglar has been saying that they don’t want to make subscribing a requirement so they aren’t going to be doing that. Hopefully they change their minds because ill probably drop the sub if its just boosts I get with it.

  4. Little skeptical about this one… overall i hope it prevents the slow death that many games go through (server population decline). There’s the BS count that the games publish then there’s the actual number of people who are actively playing the game. The number of actual people out there really has an impact on Rift with the world events (can see it at different times when there is not enough people to complete events). Allowing other shards to join in events has helped that a bit and has helped with great hunts so I applaud all the ideas they are coming up with. This one though I start fearing for bot accounts and an increase in multi-boxers. I’m with Arious on the subscription thing, if the only real benefit i get is the boosts to money/xp/favor then I’ll probably drop the subscription. The part that seemed a little confusing was they mentioned souls would not be available but i’m not sure if that was tied to subscription or just to the purchase of the expansions (which makes more sense tieing it to the expansions you purchase).

    Time will tell, like any good dealer they still have a product that keeps me returning for my fix :)

    1. For the souls, if you have storm legion then you’ll have the souls when f2p launches. If you don’t you can buy them in the shop. And they say that future content like land, dungeons, levels, raids will be free and if there are new souls you’d have to buy them.

  5. I got an email survey from Trion asking for feedback about the subscription benefits, so I think they are looking into adding things that are more desirable. I’d keep up a sub for the boosts to currency gain and rep, personally, and especially for a monthly stipend for the cash shop

  6. Yeah, kinda funny, I have no problem at all paying for my sub to Rift up until it goes free-to-play, but seeing the benefits, it doesn’t give me enough interest to keep paying after it goes FTP.

    My current sub was scheduled to end on June 6, so rather then scheduling to pay for another year, I just switched mine to monthly so I can bridge the 6+ days until the FTP option goes live. From there, I’ll see what the real/final/official difference is between being a Patron and not.

    My gut is telling me that I will be cancelling my sub once FTP goes live. On the plus side, maybe I will be able to get my brother and some additional family members playing once it does that. I wonder if they’re going to change any of the pricing of the game..

    Yeah, Sal and I both got the surveys as well Kath. Hopefully folks give them some good feedback and they make the subs worth paying for.

  7. I probably won’t keep mine much longer (I have 6 months from May 1) unless they beef up the benefits or I have an alt I want to gear up super quickly. On the other side, since I have a mental block against subscribing to two mmo’s at once (not financial, just mental!), this means I will probably re-up my WoW sub and work with HFC to liven up their WoW branch. I’ve been talking with ziboo a bit about it.

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