HammerStrike Raids – April 8&9

As some of you may know our usual HammerStrike raid leader Darconus is taking a break from Rift for a while.  Since no raid has been posted for this week yet, Valdon, Tiffi and I have decided to not plan a raid this week and we’re working to reorganize who will be posting raids and organizing sign ups so we can get back to raiding on the 15th/16th.

For myself, I’ll plan to be on Monday & Tuesday night in hopes we can do something (either dungeon runs or perhaps the Primeval Feast 10-man Sliver) if we have enough people.  Feel free to leave a comment on this post if you will plan to be on as well and lets see what we can do!

3 Replies to “HammerStrike Raids – April 8&9”

  1. I’ll be on. I’d like it if we can get a few groups going to do some experts so we can get as many people to the 400-420 hit rating for the Storm Legion raids.

  2. I will be on tonight. I have yet to finish an expert dungeon and would really like to get myself over that hurdle.
    I am up for doing things with the lower levels, too. The more we can get geared, the easier SL raiding will be to get going.

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