Defiance – Advanced Mission Beta Registration


Sign Up to be an Ark Hunter in Trion World’s new FPS MMO Defiance! Since the Arkfall catastrophe, Ark Hunters have scoured the Earth, braving any danger to deliver valuable Votan artifacts to the highest bidder. Part treasure hunter, part mercenary, Ark Hunters are fearless, dedicated and lethal. Sound like you? Register for Advance Mission BETA.

Defiance is the new game from Trion, makers of Rift, that will feature a persistant world MMO with first person shooter type gameplay and a tie in with a new TV series on the SyFy channel that begins in April 2103.  You can sign up now to participate in the beta for the game.  If you already have a Trion account you can log in with that account and then choose which platform you want to play on.  The game will be available on XBox, Playstation and PC (although it is not yet known if people on different platforms will be playing together).

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