The Return of House Fluffington!

Starting Thursday Nov. 22 through Sunday Nov. 25, Corgi rifts will return to Telara! That’s right, it’s raining Corgis from Life Rifts in non-Storm Legion zones. You have a better chance of spawning the rift using the Life Rift Lure ascended ability. Successfully completing a Corgi rift grants the “Suddenly, Corgis” achievement and the House Fluffington title.

I haven’t experienced the mayhem of a Corgi rift so I’ll be looking for some this weekend after I recover from my turkey coma.  Since Thursday is a holiday, we won’t plan any guild events, but hopefully we can get together for some corgi fun this weekend.

To each and every member of Silent Strike and your families, I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.  I’m always thankful for the wonderful friends I’ve made in these magical digital realms.  Thanks for being so awesome and have a Happy Holiday!

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