Patch 1.10 – Guardian and Defiant Unite!

The first round of Patch Notes for upcoming Rift Patch 1.10 is up on the Public Test Server.  The full notes can be read HERE however, here’s a few of the major highlights.

First and foremost, the divide between the factions – Guardian and Defiant is mostly going away.  Guardian and Defiant will be able to group together, guild together and even get married in-game!  We will also be able to send mail and trade between factions and the Looking For Group tool will form cross-faction groups.  The leader of the group will determine whether you will see a Defiant or Guardian version of a dungeon.

They are also adding an out of combat rez to all classes starting at level 1 (stealing a page from the Guild Wars 2 book, methinks), but it’s a welcome change.  Meridian is getting rearranged a bit, moving gathering trainers and craft trainers closer to their respective work stations and moving the armor vendors out into Epoch Plaza.

Of course the patch changes listed in the notes could change between now and when it goes live, so take everything with a grain of salt. No word yet when the next patch will go live, but I would expect early October and this will be the last patch before the Storm Legion expansion.

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