Rift Patch 1.8 – Infernal Dawn

It’s here!  The latest patch for Rift arrives today and along with it a brand new 20-man raid and some other great features to the game!

Some of the highlights include:

  • Infernal Dawn – new 20 man raid where raiders get to battle the dragons from Plane of Earth – Laethys & Plane of Fire – Maelforge
  • New World Event
  • New Instant Adventures on Ember Isle
  • 2 new trade skills that you can learn in addition to the current ones – Fishing and Survival
  • New Guild Finder – to help us recruit more friends to share our adventures
  • New crafted item slot – Seals

Some other features that you might be interested in are the ability to process stacks of 20 raw materials (so you can turn 20 hides into 20 pieces of leather with one click, yay!).  This will work for ore, cloth, leather and wood.  You can now buy your faster mount for 25 plat at level 25 (instead of at level 30).  They also made some soul/calling updates and improvements.


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