Congratulations HammerStrike on the death of Duke Letareus!

Congratulations to the Hammer Strike Raiding Alliance on the first kill in a 20-man Raid!  Duke Letareus, the first boss in Greenscale’s Blight died to 18 players from the Hammerfist Clan and Silent Strike last night. The Alliance has already progressed through 3 of the 4 bosses in Drowned Halls, with only High Priestess Hydriss left to die.  We encourage as many people to sign up for Monday Night raids as possible, so that we can continue through Greenscale’s Blight.  Raids start at 6pm Server time (8pm CST, 9pm EST) and run until 8pm server time.

Don’t forget to sign up for our once-monthly Saturday night raid, the first of which will be March 24.  We’ll start at 6pm server time and raid till we can’t stay awake anymore!

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