4 Replies to “Libation and Saleny’s Wedding”

  1. Thanks for recording it Frae, it’s actually more romantical seeing it from a guest’s point of view I think. I was just worried about what I was supposed to do next, LOL. Thanks for indulging our silliness. I think it’s a pretty cool thing Trion added to the game.

  2. Yeah, thanks Frae! I was too busy making sure to click on whatever I was supposed to click on at the time.. and making sure I was standing in the right spot and that I remembered to zip my fly! =D

  3. haha No problem guys. Yeah it is a cool thing for Trion to add and I hope they add more stuff like this. I think they will because the achievement was listed under Role-Playing and I don’t think they would add that just for this one thing.

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