Get Ready for the Carnival

In celebration of Rift’s One Year Anniversary we shall soon see a massive new world event appear on the servers.  We’re expecting the Carnival of the Ascended to show up March 29th (or thereabouts).  The Carnival features of course, a carnival, with ring toss and racing games, and lots of fun new prizes including new masks, elemental dragon balloons, and 2 beautiful new mounts!  There will be daily and weekly quests for the world event which has 6 phases leading up to the opening of a new 20-man raid in Patch 1.8.

There’s a great review of some of the Carnival features over at RiftJunkies.  I can’t wait!

**UPDATE** – The first phase of Carnival festivities has begun.  Look for a Balloon icon on your zone map (it doesn’t show on world maps) and find Piñatas that drop Glass Beads as well as other random items.  Once the carnival games start, you will be able to trade glass beads for previous world event currency to buy those items you might have missed.

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