A Wedding Invitation

As most Rift players know, player weddings have been added to the game with the most recent patch.  Trion is making an attempt at the Guinness Book of World Records for the most virtual weddings in a 24 hour period on Valentine’s Day.

Being the happy married couple that we are, Libation and I have decided to take part in the festivities and will be joining our characters in marriage on Tuesday February 14th at 8:30pm EST.  We’d love for any and all Silent Strike members and friends to join us.  There’s wedding favors and other fun things in game for the guests.

Even if you don’t have an active subscription you can download Rift Lite and join us – Post your character name on the comments on this forum so we can invite you, since trial accounts can’t whisper other characters.

Join Us for the Marriage of Saleny and Libation in Rift

Tuesday February 14th – 8:30pm EST

No wedding presents required, you don’t even have to RSVP – wedding crashers welcome!

2 Replies to “A Wedding Invitation”

  1. It occurs to me how sad it sounds that I’m spending Valentine’s Day getting married in a video game. Rest assured we shall be celebrating the holiday, just a couple days early with dinner and a concert on Saturday. Poor Libation always has to work so late during the week, that a romantic dinner ON Valentine’s Day is impossible.

  2. I didn’t read the Valentine’s rulebook that said dinner, flowers and chocolate were required for the occasion. I thought your plans were romantic in itself.

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