From the Embers – Rift Patch 1.6 November 16

The 6th major content patch since March will appear live on servers next week.  Patch 1.6 brings an entire new continent worth of content to the game the the lost homeland of the Kelari, Ember Isle.  There have also been lots of class updates, item updates and a whole new 5-man dungeon (the largest yet with 11, yes 11!! bosses!!) with both normal and 2 expert modes.  Rift is also ready for the holidays with the new Fae Yule event.

Patch notes can be found HERE

  • Ember Isle awaits: Defend this sprawling level-50 zone from the rampaging Wanton Maw!
  • Caduceus Rise: RIFT’s largest dungeon ever sports up to 11 bosses
  • New Sliver: Rise of the Phoenix
  • And more: New mounts and gear, and our festive Fae Yule seasonal event

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