Rift Patch 1.5 and the Ashes of History

That’s right, another new patch is coming very soon to Rift! As usual, Trion has packed this one full of new content and enhanced game features.  Some of the highlights include a new world event, the Ashes of History, focusing on the quest to discover hidden transportation portals that will lead to the Ember Isle (yes, a new continent of content coming with patch 1.6 perhaps), new Planar Attunement for characters (a way to advance your character past level 50 with special skills and abilities), and the Chronicles (special instances that can be completed with 1-3 level 50 players that will focus on the storylines found in some of Rifts major raid dungeons).  They have also continued to improve class abilities, added a whole new tier of purchasable planar gear, and will introduce the beginnings of in-game mods with this patch.  Needless to say, Trion isn’t slowing down with cranking out the content to keep the game fresh and interesting. The patch should land “very soon”, probably within the next 2 weeks.

UPDATE! – It’s confirmed, Patch 1.5 is coming next week

Rift Junkies has a nice preview of the Chronicles and an introduction to Planar Attunement.

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