New Content Coming in WoW Patch 4.3

With Gamescon going on this week there have been lots of web interviews and hints at what is coming in WoW Patch 4.3, supposedly the last content patch before the next unnamed expansion.

Some of the new things to expect with 4.3 include

  • New Raid – Deathwing finally gets his due
  • New Dungeons – 3 new 5-man instances (including a new Caverns of Time instance)
  • Raid Finder – an addition to the LFG tool that will allow you to find a raid to join
  • New Darkmoon Faire Island – with new games and activities including “Whack-A-Gnome”
  • Void Storage – a new 100-150 slot “bank” that will allow you to store old armor sets and such to free up regular bank space
  • Transmogrification – the ability to modify your current armor to look like some other piece of armor

No word yet when this patch will happen, other than “soon”.  We all know that means a couple months from now at least.  I expect we’ll see it right before Blizzcon in October where they will probably announce the next expansion.


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  1. The Transmogrification is cool. I would be annoyed with it though because they say you have to have the armor you want to appear on you in your inventory. Isn’t that why they are adding the Void Storage so you don’t have to keep extra armor in your bank or inventory.

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