Happy Half-Birthday Rift! Party Aug. 25-Sept. 1

Rift is celebrating it’s half-birthday (6 months) since game release starting August 25.  To celebrate, Trion is offering lots of fun in-game activities and bonuses and if you start a free trial during the birthday celebration, you can continue playing with a copy of Rift for only $4.99.

Subscriber half-birthday week bonuses include:

  • Special Surprise Birthday Gift – Following the event, all active subscribers will receive a special in-game birthday surprise to commemorate the occasion!
  • Bonus Experience – Your blood-lust is rewarded with bonus experience in both PvE and PvP
  • Guild Bonus Experience – Swiftly level-up your guild with bonus XP granted for completing guild quests
  • Big PvP Payouts – All warfronts and open-world PvP will grant extra Favor and Prestige
  • A Plethora of Planarite – Sealing Telara’s rifts and combating the invasions will reward you with extra planarite
  • Bonus Plaques & Marks – Increased chance for bonus Plaques of Achievement and Marks of Ascension in all dungeons and raids

The party doesn’t have to stop on the 1st! New Ascended who choose to continue their adventures in Telara can purchase the game client for just $4.99 USD through September 1st if they sign up for any RIFT subscription plan.

RIFT revelers can also participate in several contests scheduled throughout the week for the chance to win awesome prizes!

In addition, we will be seeing Patch 1.5 sometime in late September/early October, which will feature new story driven dungeons for 1-2 people, the beginnings of the new alternate advancement system and more new content!

3 Replies to “Happy Half-Birthday Rift! Party Aug. 25-Sept. 1”

  1. Wondering how long this special is going to last as I would still like to see if this crappy computer will run rift. Would like to give it a whirl just to see how new and shiny it is even if I don’t plan on leaving wow for a while.

  2. It starts on the 25th and runs until the 1st of September. So you’ll have a week to try it. And like the post says if you subscribe during that time you can get the game for 4.99.

  3. Falcon still has a code for a Free game, not sure how long it’s good for, but let us know. In any case, it can’t hurt to try the Free trial Murk, that way you’ll know if you can run it.

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