A Fond Farewell and A New Beginning

ElowynnIt’s with a tear in my eye that I proudly hand the leadership of the World of Warcraft chapter of Silent Strike to Mareritte.  I believe Mare is a more than worthy successor and wants the same things, and cares for this guild the same way I always have.  She’s a no-nonsense kind of person and I believe she’s got the fortitude to handle what are sometimes the trials and tribulations of leadership.  She’s probably even nicer than I am ;)  She has some wonderful officers to support her, and together I’m sure Silent Strike on Argent Dawn will remain a happy guild of friends and family where people can game together with laughter and fun.

When Silent Strike came to WoW as a few rag-tag refugees from Everquest, I never dreamed that we’d still be here more than 6 years later, with more than 200 characters in our roster and having achieved so much, particularly in Wrath of the Lich King.  I’ve been leading this guild, in one game or another, for more than 10 years.  I’ve made some amazing, enduring, real friendships in this digital realm, and for that I’m eternally grateful. For me, though, the game has changed, and so has real life, and those factors are drawing me onward to other games and other responsibilities.  My account expires in September, so I may peek my head in on occasion, but I’ve been scarce lately, and likely to be more so until Elowynn finishes building her retirement home among the trees in Feralas.

You’re more likely to find me as my alter ego Saleny, the Defiant mage on the Shadefallen shard in Rift, where Silent Strike has established another foothold and hopes to grow into a successful, active guild.  Perhaps someday you’ll find us in Star Wars the Old Republic, fighting the Sith in the battle for the Alliance.  The website will remain and I can always be found here.  For those of you in WoW, I will miss you, and wish you all safe journeys and happy hunting!  It’s been a pleasure and an honor to lead this guild, and to fight at your side.  I hope the roads bring us all together again some day.

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  1. Sorry to see you go, but I am sure Mare will do a great job leading SS to even more victories. Keep in touch. I will miss you terribly. SS is like a second family to me….and one of my girls are leaving home…hehe
    Good luck in your new adventures.

  2. Hate to see you go Elo, but we all understand the reasons. I completely agree with the ten ton hammer aritcle. Personally I would love to try Rifts as it looks really great as far as the graphics go. We will miss you but we will still keep things going around here and if any one ever wants to come back I am sure that some of will still be here. Good luck to everyone leaving and keep in touch.

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