WoW Patch 4.1 Live

Word is that the long-awaited new content patch for World of Warcraft should be going live to servers today.  The “official trailer” for the new patch is now on YouTube.  The patch includes some new dungeons and a new quest hub in Northern Stranglethorn as well as class tweaks, guild finder, guild challenges, and dungeon “call to arms” rewards.  The most exciting thing I see in addition to the new dungeons is the change to dungeon finder rewards which will give you bonuses for the first 7 dungeons you do in a week, instead of 1 dungeon per day.  This should help people gear up a little faster.

You can preview most of the new content HERE

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  1. They also redid Warsong Gulch. The graveyards have been lowered so you can’t run back into your keep once you rez. You have to drop down and run back up the tunnel. Not sure how happy I am with that.

    Also noticed my auto target wasn’t working in the BG’s either. Hoping that is changed with a click in the interface someplace.

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