Keep In Touch No Matter the Game

Sitting around Azeroth looking for something to do?  Stuck in that mineshaft in Minecraft all alone surrounded by creepers and zombies?  Facing a major rift with no help?  Trying to find out if the cake really is a lie?  Now you can keep in touch with your gaming companions no matter what game you might be playing.  You can use voice or text chat in one client that has a static chat room always there for Silent Strike.

We've had some success with a great client from Dolby called Axon and have used it while playing other games to have voice chat without having to set up a server or figure out how to connect to one.  The voice quality is amazing and it supports positional surround sound.  It also can function just like any other instant messaging client (like YahooIM or AIM) if you don't feel like digging out the headset but still want to chat with your guildmates.

The client is free to download (or you can pay to subscribe for extra bells and whistles) and it's simple to use.  The only catch right now is to join the guild room you must have an invite, so if you're interested post your Axon user name in the Forum post and we'll send you an invitation.  Once you've been invited to the room, it is always there and you can use it any time.


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When you get there, go to Add Friend… and add falconwing since he's the one that paid for the premium version and can invite you to the Silent Strike room.

One of the first things you'll want to do once you install is go to Voice -> Activate Via Push To Talk.

By default it's voice activated, which most people aren't used to.  You really don't have to worry about it if you don't have a mic at all.

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