The River of Souls Floods Telara

Alsbeth the Discordant
Alsbeth the Discordant

Less than 30 days after initial launch, today marks the first major content patch for Rift: Planes of Telara.  While Trion announced a patch window of 4 hours it only took 2 1/2!  There were lots of calling adjustments, bug fixes and some fun new features including the ability to record video in-game and have it automatically uploaded to YouTube!  Full patch notes can be found Here.

One of the main reasons this patch is so exciting is the worldwide event that comes with it.  Starting today (March 30) and continuing for about a week, the Plane of Death and in particular Alsbeth the Discordant along with her Endless Court will be invading all of Telara.  Every zone, every level, will be involved in a worldwide event with unique rewards including special weapons, armor and a spectral horse mount.  The invasion will culminate in a final conflict with Alsbeth’s minions and the opening of a new 20-man raid zone – The River of Souls.

Let’s hope this trend of fresh content on a regular basis continues.

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  1. ahh, this explains where everyone is. I notice whenever I log in no one is around. Might have to check out this new game. I’m gonna let my WoW subscription cancel at next renewal in July. (serious this time, have already cancelled it). But I’ll be around.

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