Let’s get ready to rumble

First of all, congratulations Silent Strike on finally clearing every normal-mode raid that Wrath of the Lich King had to offer!  So we didn’t do it before Cataclysm, at least we can say we did it, and we did it together.  Some may say it’s pointless to go back and do old content, but I think every raid encounter is educational, especially if you don’t circumvent the accepted tactics.  I’ve seen aspects of a lot of the Lich King raid fights in the new Cataclysm dungeons, and having learned how to deal with them previously makes things easier now.

After reviewing the current roster of level 85 players it appears we have enough people to pull together our first 10-man raid in Cataclysm.  Our first raid will be in Blackwing Descent in Blackrock Mountain.  Our first targets will be Omnitron Defense System and Magmaw.  The dungeon is laid out in such a way that we could do either one.  If you signed up for the raid, please review both the fights at TankSpot.  We’ll likely give both a try to see which one is easier for us to do at this point.  Minimum gear score required for this raid is item level 340 (higher is recommended).  I believe I sorted the invites so only people with the required score were invited.  If you have the score but were not put in the invite list for this coming Sunday ( March 6 ) please tell me, Tilani, Klyse or Falconwing and they can add you to the list.  We’ll need 2 tanks and I’d like to take 3 healers for the first run.

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