Wanted, Dead or…well, just dead

Wanted dead crittersIn the never ending quest to amass great quantities of companion pets, Silent Strike has set it’s sights on the rare Armadillo Pup.  In order to gain access to this almost-mythical beast, we must exterminate the vermin and cute cuddly critters of Azeroth, 50,000 of them in fact!

Since the advent of patch 4.0, we have killed just over 18,000 of the little guys.  Bunnies, squirrels, moths, lizards and rats have learned to fear the sight of Silent Strike members and now we’re prepared to bring upon them, the critterpocalypse!

Join your guild mates on Monday February 28th at 8pm server time for a Critter Extermination Raid. We will spend the evening in concentrated critter elimination in order to push that death toll just a bit higher.  Rewards will be given for most critters killed, and fun will be had by all.  Join us in goofing around and having fun, while working on a guild achievement.  Just ask an officer for a raid invite on Monday night to be a part of the fun.

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