Organizing for a New Year

I just spent 2 hours cleaning and reorganizing the guild bank as well as guild ranks to make things easier to find and to tighten controls on guild bank access for members without authenticators.  I wanted to do this before Cataclysm, but the process seemed so daunting I didn’t get it done, since I cannot change an already active rank to require an authenticator.  It meant creating new ranks, and moving things all around, but it’s sorted now.

New Guild Ranks are as follows:

Officer – Guild officers with Authenticators
Guardian – Guild officers without Authenticators

Champion – Members above level 80 with Authenticators
Veteran – Members above level 80 without Authenticators

Cavalier – Members below level 80 with Authenticators
Soldier – Members below level 80 without Authenticators

Recruit – new members still in 2 week probationary period

Inactive – members without authenticators that have not logged in in over a month

If you have an authenticator and are still listed in a rank that without one, please make sure to log in that character and tell an officer and we can correct it.  The system doesn’t recognize characters have authenticators unless they’ve been logged in within the past 30 days. If you get an authenticator, please let an officer know and we will bump you to the proper rank.

Guild Bank Tabs have been changed as follows:

1st tab – Tailoring/Leatherworking – this tab should have only items used or created with Tailoring or Leatherworking.  All motes/shards/volitile elements are in this tab as well (just because there was room)

2nd tab – Blacksmithing/Engineering – this tab should have only items used or created with Blacksmithing or Engineering.  All raw gems should go in the Jewel Crafting tab

3rd tab – Alchemy / Inscription – this tab should have only items used or created with Alchemy or Inscription.  Scrolls belong here as well.

4th tab – Enchanting / Jewel Crafting – this tab should have only items used or created with Enchanting or Jewel Crafting.  All raw gems belong here.  If you are donating items to be disenchanted for dust, put them in this tab as well.

5th tab – Food/Cooking, Quest related items and Armor/Weapons from world drops –  This tab contains FULL STACKS of stat food or cooking materials, quest related items (like relics of ulduar or savage fronds) and BLUE Quality or higher weapons/armor that are Bind on Equip.

Members in Officer/Champion/Cavalier ranks will be able to take up to 5 stacks from each tab each day.  Members in Guardian/Veteran/Soldier ranks will be able to take 1 stack each day from all tabs with the exception of the 5th tab.  Non-authenticator members will not be able to withdraw from the 5th tab, but you can ask anyone in one of the authenticator ranks to get something for you.

It would be really great to have a 6th tab for the bank that we could totally devote to fishing & cooking so that the other tab could go to armor/weapons.  We need 5000 gold to do so.  If everyone were to put a couple hundred gold into the bank funds, we could purchase it pretty quickly (we have just over 2000 gold in the bank right now).

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