You have now reached Exalted with Silent Strike!

The Golden King Guild Mount

As we count down the final hours until Cataclysm, I thought it worth mentioning one of the new features of the expansion, Guild Faction Rewards.  The highest level reward is a spiffy guild lion mount that will display our guild tabard as you race through Azeroth.  The Reigns of the Golden King is the reward for a level 25 guild.

How do we get to be a level 25 guild?  Well, it’s by doing what we’ve always done pretty well, working together.  The guild gains level points by questing, grouping and raiding together.  So if there’s guildies around while you are levelling, why not group up and make it faster and gain points for the guild?

With all the achievement hounds in this guild, we should get to 25 in no time, but even at level 2 there start to be some nice perks, and what’s even nicer is once we unlock the items, the whole guild can benefit as long as they have enough faction with the guild.  You gain faction with the guild, the same way we gain guild levels, by working together with other guild mates on quests and dungeons.

There’s a decent guide on WoWHead and you’ll be able to see your achievements in the guild pane in game once Cataclysm is live. So next time you see a guild mate wandering alone, offer to keep them company and before you know it, we’ll all be roaring across the lands of Azeroth on lions!

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  1. I know we talked about going back to ICC at 81, 82, etc to finally finish the job and because it would be awesome to crush the place. However I think we should also start planning regular guild group runs of regular dungeons to help stack up the guild rep and exp. Just a thought.

  2. Personally, I’d like to return to ICC until Arthas is dead at least once. From what I understand, they have sort of lowered the dungeon xp as they don’t want people levelling up through repeated dungeon runs and no quests like they did in BC and LK. I don’t think it will be a problem to get guild groups to do Cata dungeons, as long as people ask the guild when they need help. Also, remember, everyone has the ability to post an event on the guild calendar, so if you need help, post for a group!

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