Potential Kingslayers?

Silent Strike has reached a point where we have a raid lockout with only Arthas left to kill.  At this point we have quite a few people signing up to go, and only 10 spots.  There are some people who have been working consistently for more than 6 months to finish Icecrown Citadel.  These people put in a lot of time and effort to pave the way for others to experience Icecrown and I feel it’s important that they get the shot at Arthas that they have worked so hard for.

The next few Icecrown raids will have a pared down invitation list.  I will be inviting the players who have killed at least 10 out of 12 Icecrown bosses with us.  This includes the following:

  • Unnatural
  • Fraeoghlin
  • Falconwing
  • Elowynn
  • Mareritte
  • Sturage
  • Tilani
  • Aedarius
  • Egan
  • Litebody
  • Nitaira

I will also include those players that have done 8 of 12 on Standby and will fill open slots with them first.  These people include:

  • Glimmersmith
  • Brinnat
  • Silvian
  • Jedrin

If we still have spots then the invites will be open to whichever guildmembers are available and interested in going.

We also have another lockout available with Blood Queen, Sindragosa and Arthas.  So we can conceivably have another raid to kill Arthas after one extra night of work.  This will allow us to make sure everyone gets a shot at Kingslayer fairly quickly.  Since many have extra time off during the holidays, I will likely schedule a couple of extra raid nights during the week between Christmas and New Years.

I really wish there was such a thing as a 15-man raid, as it would allow us to bring everyone that usually wants to go, but there isn’t, and so this is the best alternative I can think of to make sure that the people that have been working since May of 2010, get to kill the Lich King before we move on to Cataclysm content.  If anyone in the above lists wants to bow out and and leave Icecrown unfinished, please let me know and I will remove you from the raid invites while we make this final push toward Kingslayer.

If there is interest in running a fresh Icecrown raid starting at the beginning, let me know that as well.  We probably have enough alts that we can do so, but at the rate everyone is gaining levels, I have a feeling that Icecrown will mostly be a distant memory and we’ll be working on Cataclysm raids very soon.

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