Is that all you got?

And we were getting along so well...
And we were getting along so well.

The San’layn will trouble us no more since Silent Strike finally defeated their Blood Queen, Lana’thel last night.  We then went on to revive the dreamer Valithria and rushed to face the frost dragon Sindragosa.  We brought her to less than 35% health on our 3rd attempt and made great strides in learning the strategy. We are only 1 boss away from facing the Lich King himself.

Our current plan is to continue to extend our current raid lockout until Arthas is defeated.  That means no badge runs and loot runs through Icecrown for those that might be interested, but please bear with us just a little longer.  We’ve been working since May to finish this dungeon and dammit, we’re gonna do it!  There will be plenty of time for loot runs before the Cataclysm.  The plan may change based on Patch 4.0.1 as we may have to relearn a lot about our classes, but I wanted to give everyone forewarning about the current plan so you can make an informed decision as to whether to join the raids or not.  At this point if you join the raid, you will be locked with 10 of 12 bosses down.

Congratulations Silent Strike on getting this far!  Great work last night!

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