Goooood News Everyone! I Changed the Old Website!

Professor Putricide
Now to get those slime pipes working again

It’s just the ordinary website, but wait! It’s no ordinary website!

That’s right, we’ve got a brand new website powered by the latest version of WordPress, a blogging software that I’ve come to love and respect.  I’m still working on making things pretty (Whoever wrote the style sheet for the forum skin was on crack, because it’s terrible), so please bear with me while I try to make things look better. If there’s something with the appearance that you really hate, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know :)

The new site has most of the features of the old one.  If there’s something you’re missing, let me know, I bet there’s a plugin for it!  We’ve got galleries, a chat box, and forums of course.  In addition, I’ve added a mobile-friendly theme.  Take a look at the site on your iPod or iPhone and you’ll see what I mean.  If you’re into RSS feeds, you can also subscribe to several feeds that the site generates (either the site itself or different forums) and put them on your iGoogle home page, or add them to your favorite RSS reader.  I’ll be adding some more features as we settle in.

The one downside to the new site, is that your old forum account will not work here.  All you have to do is Register from the link on the right.  Please use your main character’s name if you’re in the WoW guild with us.  If you’d like to have an avatar, you can set that up in the Forums, just be sure you’re logged in, click the Forum Link and you’ll see a Profile button at the top.  You can either upload your own, or choose from the avatar pool.  I will get a notification with each sign up, so I’ll try to change your permissions to access guild forums as soon as possible.

The Site Issues forum is open so you can post any problems there or email me at elowynn at silent-strike dot org and let me know what the trouble is.

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