Welcome to Silent Strike!

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Thanks to our server hosts at SurvivalServers and generous hosting donations from LethalStrike and Baline, we have upgraded our original ARK:Survival Evolved server to a cluster server. What that means is that we can now travel from The Center to…Continue Reading

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Happy Legion Launch Day, Strikers! I’m looking forward to playing with everyone in the new expansion.  So excited, I don’t know what to do first! If you’d like a good overview of all the new stuff my favorite MMO news…Continue Reading

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Again, I apologize for the full day of downtime on the ARK server.  Apparently there was an issue with the data center where our server is hosted.  The server came back up for less than an hour this afternoon and…Continue Reading

Silent Strike ARK: Survival Evolved Center Map

Silent Strike ARK:Scorched Earth Server