Patch 7.2.5 Comes June 13

It’s official, patch 7.2.5 will arrive on June 13.  With the patch comes a bunch of class changes, a new solo scenario where we get to save everyone’s favorite Bronze Dragon, Chromie and the first Timewalking Raid – Black Temple! We’ll definitely have to schedule a guild night to raid…

Onward toward the Nighthold!

Congratulations Silent Strike, on clearing Trial of Valor! Helya, our final foe went down last night. We don’t really have plans to revisit Trial of Valor unless there’s a need from guildmates. The soulshards needed to complete the armor appearance quest can be gotten through the weekly LFR unlike the…

Two Down – One to Go!

Odyn and Guarm in Trial of Valor have been defeated! Only Helya remains and then we can begin to venture into Nighthold! We will continue to try to clear Emerald Nightmare once a week until everyone’s gotten the essences and items they need to complete their Artifact quests.

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